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Over 30 years related working experience in Building Management System, authorized dealer of Reliable Controls, Canada. Please take a look into our products and services.


Based in Hong Kong

We have professional team to design and build-up an integration solution for Building Mamagement System in Hong Kong and Macau.

We also welcome any creative idea to design a custom Building Management System to suit your environment.

We are welcome you to contact us for any proof of concept related to BMS.

Energy Management in the Buildings

To design the building automation system to let the buildings using energy more efficient. Accroding to your building load operations, energy management strategie could be fully-auto or semi-auto in your decision.

Using wireless technolgy to monitor room temperature in the building everywhere to make the buildings more intelligent.

Machine learning also could be intstall to the buildings and forcast the weather to control HVAC.

Make your buildings smart.



Start your planning. What requirement is suitable for your buildings? What do you want to your energy-saving report? Drop it down in your requirement list.


Start to design the BMS, most of the commercial buildings using BACnet protocol or MODbus protocol for the network control system. Your buildings also could install wireless temperature sensors to monitor your critical area. Those criteria are to be considered.


Start to build up the system, install those automation equipment and associate devices, and network to those DDC. After installing and testing the function, check whether it suits your requirements or needs to be modified during the design stage.


To protect your investment after the BMS is installed into buildings, the BMS should keep monitored and controlled for energy management by doing a good maintenance services.

We honour our mission, and our service objective.

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